Sunday, November 13, 2016

Letter to myself

                                                                                                                 Nov.12, 2016
Dear Betty Ann,
       I am writing this letter to you to tell you how proud I am of how you turned out in life even on those days you didn't see how it could turn out well. I know life was not always a bed of roses for you at first, threw rocks at your childhood, and was confusing of where your future would go. You didn't know it at the time, but God crossed your life with such an amazing lady and her family for just that reason. It was he that got you the job as her babysitter. It was he that made them love you as their own child. It was he that opened their eyes to the pain and hurt you went through. It was he that opened their own home to raise as their own. I have heard you say this to me many times, Betty Ann.
You told me about how you met your husband for the very first time, some forty eight years ago at a children's camp. The camp your second family sent you to as a camper, only fifteen. You really felt out of place because others your age worked there as camp counselors, not campers. But, there was one certain camp wrangler who worked with the horses that caught your eye. Just conversations on the daily trail rides and kind words made you see something you liked in this older Cowboy. Betty Ann, it was more than an accident that you decided to leave a thank you note with your mailing address to that Cowboy? Wasn't it more than an accident that you received your first letter from him a few months latter after you went home. Wasn't it more than an accident that the two of you wrote letters for the next five years, seeing each other in person only there times during those years, and finally getting married on the third time you saw each other? Betty Ann, that wasn't an accident. That was God.
He knew who your partner in life would be before you were born. He placed you with another family to direct and teach you good morals. He had planned for you to go to camp and leave that thank you letter. He planned the outcome of how your life would play out.
I know you very well, Betty Ann, and I know life still wasn't always a bed of roses and every now and then some rocks got thrown at you. I know how many loved ones have passed away and left your heart broken and empty, the hardest was losing your Mom. I won't say you will every get over it and I won't say you won't go through many more broken hearts because that wouldn't be true. You will, but until then, look at the blessing you have. Continue to trust God and let him lead you by the hand as he always has done.
Now, soon to be forty three years of marriage, two beautiful daughters, and three grandchildren later, I have this last thing to say to you Betty Ann.
Enjoy today, each minute. Never regret your life and always be thankful for those paths and the people on them that God planned before you were ever born.
  Enjoy the rest of your life.
                 Love, Betty Ann

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