Monday, November 7, 2016

Hold my Hand

I took my husbands hand in mine in marriage but it doesn't describe the feeling or meaning behind that saying. When I hold the hand of my husband, I feel safe and protected. I feel the strong hold of his now aged hand. He's never been ashamed to hold my hand in Church, in public surroundings, or even as we drive down the road. Taking my hand in his is a bond between us, an expression of love.
I took the hands of my daughters when they were small to protect them. Their small tiny hand in mine comforted them and I from the dangers around. It showed them I was there for them, to protect them. It showed them I was there for them when they needed more than a hug. I take the tiny hands now of my grandchildren for those very reasons. The hand of each child brings a smile to my face and an over whelming joy to my heart. It can melt away the deepest troubles of a day. Taking my hand in theirs is a bond between us, an expression of love.  
I took the hand of My Lord and Savior many years ago when he reached out to me and showed me his love. I can see in my mind the nail scared hand, strong and powerful as it holds mine. He protects me and gives me the protection I need to get through life. He never lets go of my hand. Taking my hand in his is a bond between us, an expression of love.
When was the last time my hand was held? My husband held my hand just yesterday. My youngest daughter held my hand last week. My grandchildren held my hand this past weekend. My Lord and Savior is still holding my hand...

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