Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Story Teller

For several years I have blogged my thoughts, my accomplishments in life, my praises, my heart ache, and my family. I love writing and telling a story. All my story's are true ones from my heart. They aren't fiction or fables, but from my own thoughts. Some of my story's may be silly or boring, heck, I even laugh to myself when I reread them. I guess what I'm getting at, is they are mine....My story's!
I follow other blogs, other authors, some pros and some like myself. For about two years I have been following a love story told only from the heart. The love and Faith of this couple, this family, this man and wife will touch all those that read the blog posts or the shares on Facebook. This man writes and shares his story as if God is writing the words for him. His story starts out how he met his wife, how they loved their life and their passion for music. He goes on to share the birth of their child, and then, their story changes. His wife is diagnosed with cancer after just given birth to that beautiful little girl who they are told had down syndrome. The story's he shares doesn't stop there just because it sounded horrible. His blog posts kept those that followed them, Joey & Roey Feek, updated of her condition, the joy that came from their love story, little Indiana. Roey shared how life continued and how life ended with Joeys cancer, but he didn't stop writing, He had a new meaning, a new story to tell....Joey's Story. She was beautiful, strong, loving wife and mother, but what her life was first, was Gods. She never blamed God, never questioning his will, but only trusted his time and reason for her life here, thou short as it was.
Last Tuesday, my younger Daughter and I had the opportunity to see a movie of their story. It was a special viewing and if you didn't know or you missed it, I have to say you missed a beautiful Love Story. I don't think there was a dry eye in the theater.

After the movie as we drove home, I was able to fill in all the things that were left out of the movie to my daughter. Following Roeys blog and his story's was just like the movie but the parts between that weren't on the screen were times between those scenes, those moments in life, the many other tears of joy and sadness. But, Roey told a beautiful story of Joey's life in the time allowed for the movie screen. I could have watched hours of it, soaking in every word. I could feel God in this family, of which are strangers in my life. Even thou I had heard of their music courier, watched their show on RFD, saw them on award shows, I didn't know them. I would never cross paths on this earth with them , nor never talk to them. But, God knows them. He knew them then and now. He knew for my self that I would cross paths with them in Heaven one day. They will cross paths with thousands of us and we will know them by name. My love ones have already met Joey and she's singing with the Angels in Heaven now. 
I'm glad I ran across a blog post one day and started reading a love story called, 
This Life I Live . Joey's Story lives on....through her Family, her many friends, her thousands of followers, her husbands story's,  her music, and  their little Indy.
 This is just one of so, so many songs Joey and Roey sang. Its one of my favorites because I see My Cowboy in this song who is the Love of my life....but that's another story... 

All Photos are credited to Google Image and Videos to Utube. 

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