Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Five long years

Well, it's been five years, five long years to grow all the chemicals off my hair. I was born a red head, not as dark as my Moms beautiful Auburn Red,  but a red headed, freckle faced girl. Later in life it turned strawberry blond and then I was talked into bleaching ,coloring, perming, cutting, and straightening... Why do we put ourselves through all that? It's not healthy at all!
Now... The blond is gone, the red is still there but I don't have to add any highlights or color. It grew it's own. I think I'll call it Strawberry Gray...
It's the real thing, it's mine and not From a bottle, and doesn't belong to a beautician.  It's been five long years and I'm not going back!
Oh, and those freckles, they faded and replaced them selves with wrinkles. I've been trying to grow them off too and go back to my younger self...

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