Monday, April 18, 2016

In my Quite Time

That time on the clock that slows everything down is when I step out the door on my walks.
It is my quite time that I share with only one other. In that quite time I hear a sympathy of music from the many different birds waking up to feed their young. The whippoorwills call out and the mocking birds answer. The sparrows chirp and a distant owl asks who. The crows yell out in deep screams as the bluebird sings in a melody of sweet sounds.
In my quite time I can hear the answers to questions scrambling in my head, some loud and others softly spoken. I can hear my cry's as I ask why and how and feel the smile cross my face as I hear the answer.
In my quite time I feel the tears that fall from my eyes as the memory's of those that are no longer with me. The sadness of saying goodbye weighs heavy on my heart but the joy and celebration of a reunion fills my heart.
In my quite time I can feel the wind, see the stars, and watch in amazement as the sun fills with such beauty and the sky becomes a painting from only one artist.
In my quite time I sing my praises for my family and the blessings of life given to me and feeling so unworthy of all the love that fills my life.
In my quite time is only one that walks with me and shares something new everyday. In my quite time is My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He makes every step I make, pushes me to keep going, and protects me. It is my quite time...

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