Thursday, March 31, 2016

Turning Sixty one

  Just six years ago on this very day, I blogged about dreading the mile stone in my life of another birthday. It meant catching up with my parents and becoming a middle aged adult. No one ever likes getting older but its a life given that the years will add up from birth to death.
I am sixty-one years old today. That is only 8 years younger than my Mom was when she passed away. Will I live longer than she, I have no clue, only God knows that for sure. What I do know is that I have sixty-one years invested into who I am today...

 I am a child of God, who loves my Lord and Savior. Without him in my life, I am nothing! He forgives me of all my flaws. He doesn't leave me or disown me. He shows me the good in life and all that surrounds me. He loves me, and shows me every minute, every second, every year...all sixty-one of them.
I am the wife of a wonderful man, who loves me and treats me with respect, kindness, and joy. He has never mistreated me, hit me, or taken advantage of me. He is the best thing that ever happened to me in all my years and has been there side by side with me for forty-two years.
I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, who I love so much. They are both different in their own ways but equal in my eyes as their mother. They will always be my little girls no matter how old they become. God allowed me to be their mother and love them unconditionally with no strings attached except to raise them to be the Christian women they turned out to be. The love I have for them will never end.
I am the grandmother to three sweet and precious baby's. They bring me happiness on my lowest days, joy that fills my heart with song and laughter, and love without any flaws. I do not love one more than the other. There is not one a more favorite than the other. They are what completes my life, makes me want to keep living, and puts the sunshine in my heart and the twinkle in my eyes. They are the blessings from God for my sixty-one years on this earth.

Yes, today I turn sixty-one, but I am blessed beyond those years.
Happy Birthday to me…..Child, Wife, mother, and Nana

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