Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Waiting with Excitment

As proud Grandparents, we are always excited to have our granddaughter occasionally get to spend the night . It's like having play time and stepping back in our childhood again. Last week was one of those times. Baby Girl came over, with suitcase pulled behind her and a bag of toys. This wasn't going to be just any old sleep over because we were going to be attending a special birthday the next day. The excitement could hardly be contained. I can't count the times she asked if it was time to go yet! As bedtime came it was obvious that she wasn't going to go straight to sleep. We talked about how the next day would be. She said her prayers as well as any grownup and with such love , and then she snuggled up to me and I told her she would always and forever be our favorite Granddaughter and that nothing would change that...
The next morning early, we ate, dressed, and took our time thinking that the time to leave was going to be later in the day. You see, her mother and father were at the hospital awaiting the birth of their Son. Emily would soon be a big sister and we would all be sharing our love with a grandson!
The morning passed on to about 9 am and I told our granddaughter that I would call the hospital and check on her mommy. No answer in the room....No answer on her cell phone. I called the front desk and asked to talk to the nurse in the Labor room. Not knowing how my daughter was and if it was time to have the baby, the nurse told me that everything was just fine and that our daughter was at seven centimeters. When I hung up the phone I must have clicked in fast mood because now I was hurrying up our granddaughter and trying to get us both out the door, thinking we would miss the birth of her brother.
Was I ever wrong! We arrived at the hospital to find that her brother just wasn't quite ready to make his presence in the is world. He was taking his time. Emily was so disappointed and I could see the look on her face turn from happy to being concerned of how her Mommy and Daddy were.. I let the nurse know she was in the lobby and would she please tell her parents. In a little bit, our Son-in -law came from behind the closed hallway and after sitting with us a short time, he took his daughter in to see her Mommy. Watching them walk hand in hand towards that door, I couldn't help but stop and thank God for this moment. It would be soon changed for the three of them as a family. They would be four. They would share their love with another person and their household would be filled with the sounds of a baby crying and first times such as, roll overs, crawling, walking, and learning new things. The little girl walking hand in hand through those closed doors, would now be a sibling. This is what she has asked for for years. She will be able to show him how to do things, play with him, hold his hand, take up for him, read to him, sing to him, share with him, and most of all...Love him!
When our granddaughter returned to the lobby, I could see the excitement back in her face. 
She returned to tell me about the machine that made the loud noise in the room and the tubes that were connected to her mommy. I knew the loud noise was the sound of our grandsons heartbeat. How exciting I told her, to be able to hear his heart. The smile on her face never left and she told me over and over , "this is the most exciting thing that's ever happened."
As the clocked ticked on in the lobby, our granddaughter grew restless and towards lunch time. I asked the nurse if Emily could write her parents a note and send it to the room so her parents would know we were leaving for a bit.and after a little coxing, I was able to talk her into leaving the hospital and going to eat a bite. We met up with her Papa for lunch and you could tell she was really not in the mood to eat. She was so afraid she would miss being there for the birth of her brother, so we went back to the hospital and she was able to go in the room again and check on her Mommy.
Still again, we waited in the lobby, what seemed an eternity that day. I was able to talk Emily into going to the house, just for a short time and we could rest. Her Mommy was now only at eight and a half centimeters and it might be awhile. 
How about a blizzard from the DQ, I asked? it would be our birthday celebration and no calories would be counted.  We drove to the Cookie shop and ordered a basket of cookies that my granddaughter picked out for her Mommy and Daddy . She signed the card and looked so grownup as she did this special thing  for them. That was a nice break and when we left the parking lot, my nose started itching. I told Emily and her Papa. It was 5:10 p.m. They both said, Jake was properly here and we should go back to the hospital. All my adult life, if my nose itches, someone usually came to visit that day. 
Sure enough, we get to the lobby desk and ask the nurse how our daughter is doing and she tells us they are back there now in the room with her and that she had just delivered. Baby brother had been born at 5:12 p.m.
Emily was beside her self, but now, when a baby is born, the baby is laid on the mother or fathers bare chest before it is ever cleaned up. This is a technique that helps the child bond with the parent and helps keep down infections. It takes an hour and no one is allowed to the room until then, even our little granddaughter. She was so patient and understanding. She watched the clock in the lobby and at the minute that the hour had counted down, she jumped up with excitement and said lets go. Her Daddy walked through the doors and took her by the hand again and her Nana and Papa sat quietly in the lobby while the new family of four bonded and shared in the birthday celebration of our new grandson.
God took care of our daughter those long sixteen hours and our new grandson is healthy and beautiful just like his big sister!   I don't think our granddaughter will ever stop smiling!
 Happy Birthday , Little Jake , and welcome to the world. You will be loved and spoiled, and raised in the same manner as your Big Sister.
Born April 2, 2015. Weighed 7 lb's and 14 oz.   

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