Friday, March 6, 2015

Fourty Years ago a Daughter was born

The doctor said go home, come back or call if anything changes. That's what we did. We walked the neighborhood, and we walked some more, but the pain was still there and hurting more. My husband took me back to he hospital after a while. Were we ready for the next few hours? We knew it was coming to this moment. We had prepared our self, our home, our family for the outcome. Our family and friends gathered in the hallway at the hospital, some sitting on the floor, some standing around waiting for the doctor or nurse to come out those double doors and talk to them. Not by my choice but the call of the doctor, I was given gas and knocked out and didn't know what the outcome was or what my husband had been told...
Many hours later as I came to, I could hear a voice saying, "It's a Girl"! We have a daughter! A beautiful ,perfect ,baby girl!
That was 40 years ago and our baby girl has grown up into a beautiful women with a heart as big as the moon. Her values in life reflect in everything she does and how she has raised her own daughter. Her love for God is strong. We are so blessed to have been able to see her become who she is.
Now our baby girl is about to bring another life for all to share, a baby boy. Times have changed in the maternity wards. She , her husband, her family and friends know she is having a boy. 
But the waiting for his arrival won't be any different than that day 40 years ago. We will pace, sit, dream, and wait for that moment the doctor or nurse steps out and announces his birthday.
Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter. We are better parents to have been able to share what God blessed our life with 40 years ago! We love you to the moon and back!

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