Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Can we talk

coffee animated photo: coffee time 2-women-with-cups-animated.gifMy friend and I talk on the phone alot! And I do mean alot! We talk about the small stuff of whats happening on that day. We talk about our health and especially our weight, After all, who but a friend can you talk to about how much weight your gaining, right?
We talk about our children, grandchildren, and our husbands. If one of us is sick and doesn't feel like talking, the other one does all the talking for both. If one of us needs a shoulder to cry on, we listen and say comforting things to the other one.
We call each other to share the excitement of something going on. We talk about what we saw at the movie or the television show that's been on TV. We talk about the weather, the price of things we buy, and where to get a stylish swimsuit for swim aerobics.
We talk about our memories of loved ones past and how we are getting old. We talk about everything! I don't think there's anything my friend and I couldn't talk about....You name it, the two of us have talked about it. If you don't believe us, just ask out husbands...
I'm glad I have someone to talk to while I can . One day I wont remember all the conversations. I'll properly pick up the TV remote and try to dial my call without any one saying hello. I'll hear the microwave ding and wonder where my cell phone is. One day I wont be able to walk across the room to get my phone and tell you about my day because by the time I get to where the phone is in the other room, I'll have forgotten what I was after.  One day, I may not remember I had such a good friend as my sister!
I better go call her before I forget something. Have you called your friend today?

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  1. This is very nice! I try to call her most days.


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