Saturday, May 25, 2013

Unfinished Pages in a Book

Each time I post on any of my blogs, I print them out and put them in a book for my Granddaughter. I started this process when I became a blogger because I wondered who would read my blogs when I have passed on...
I started my first blog in November of 2009 and have written 224 posts with  60,248 views as of today. Wow! That's only one of my five blogs! That's amazing to me that people even read the thoughts in my head. But one day I'll be gone and my blogs will sit among the rest of the blogs that stopped writing. I hope that when my granddaughter grows up that she will read about my journeys, thoughts, vacations, praises, family, and memory's and that she will not reflect on the pages as an unfinished book but of a glimpse into her Nana's life.
I still have a lot on my mind. I still have memory's to share. I still have unfinished business. I still have lots to say to my Granddaughter, so my Book isn't finished yet.....


  1. That's a great idea! Love your blog as always~

  2. Wow Betty! This is the best blog ever! One day your granddaughter WILL love reading all the beautiful blogs that her Nana wrote. Never stop.
    lv ya!

  3. I agree that is a wonderful idea. Did you know that you can also have the pages printed into books online? You just upload your blog pages and they come bound and are really nice. There are several companies that do it. I did a give away on my blog once of a book.

  4. Hi Betty, I love the idea of copying each post. I had thought about having a book made but it is pretty expensive. Thanks for visiting me and I am now a follower.

    1. So glad you liked my blog and are now following me. Hope you will stop by my other blogs. I just printed some posts this morning to add to my book. It is a lot cheaper, believe me.

  5. What a great idea. Such a nice legacy to pass on to your granddaughter.


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