Friday, October 12, 2012

Everything's been taken care of

I blogged this not long ago on my Genealogy Blog..."The Branches On Our Tree". I wanted to share it here. Most of my family knows that I am a pre planner. I plan our vacations, our Holidays, our investments, our will. Most people plan their weddings, their daily meals, their family, but the most important part to plan usually gets put on the back of the list.

Do you know where you want to be buried

 Do you own Burial plots? Do you know where you want to be buried? As a find a grave member I see many empty plots that may have been purchased ten, twenty, even over fifty years ago. You know that some family member bought and paid for those plots in planning where they and their loved ones would be buried. Why were they never used after so many , many years?
When my mother died, my husband and I bought her a plot in the Gilgal Cemetery , located in Minden, Louisiana. We have since purchased and now own eight cemetery plots and then two more on the same roll have been purchased by my sister and husband, making a total of ten burial plots in a straight roll. The eight that we hold the deeds to allows for the one that mother is already buried in, one for my husband, one for myself, leaving the last five for my two daughters, two son in laws, and one granddaughter.
I feel pre-planning is a part of genealogy. One day, someone will be looking for my family, our names perhaps, where we are buried, or even the name of those that are buried beside us as a family. By purchasing our family plots in advance it will at least give my sister and I the satisfaction of knowing we will be buried together as family and that we didn't leave the decision to someone else to have to make.
Pre-Planning enables you to:
  • Help your loved ones understand your wishes and how they will be affected
  • Spare your family from making hard decisions at an emotionally stressful time
  • Make a financially sound decision
  • Alleviate additional grief at the time of loss, so your loved ones can focus on memorializing your life
Pre-plan today for security and peace of mind from knowing "it's all been taken care of."
Now back to planning our Vacation that is coming up....

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