Thursday, September 20, 2012

What if we started out in God's house

We grow up with the laughter of playing, being happy, and not knowing about the life which will come as we get older. We grow up and meet our soul mate, fall in love, knowing it will be forever! Then a few years go by and we get married and raise a family to share our love but still not ever thinking about the years to come. Then one day we ask ourselves where did the time go? We still have so much to do with our life's. Our children and our grandchild are following our footsteps and quickly catching up with us. Our love is so much stronger and our body's are so week and frail ....WAIT...Don't go, don't leave, there is still so much to do and share with each other. I won't say goodbye but wait my turn to follow...and then one day our life is complete, still shared, still in love, still together.
I know God planned our life's, knew our soul mates he choose, and saw the face of our little ones way before we gave birth to them. He knew every joy, every sadness, every second of the clock as it ticked and we would get older. He knew the end of our earthly life together and knows the beginning of our heavenly life we will share for eternity.
I have always thought that God has a sense on humor also. What if he made us backwards in life?
  What if we started out in God's house, in a perfect world, with perfect body's. Never hurting or knowing pain. Never knowing how it feels to get old or be lonely. Then he places us on this earth with our soul mate in hand, our body's aged and wrinkled. Our knowledge of life that only shows the love that will follow us on our journey to youth. We raise a family and see our grandchild and children again and share a life of love for years to come...So we thought....We blink, and the years melt away, lost as if they were a dream. We get younger and younger,  laugh and play.We only know happiness and never think about the end of  life which will come so fast. Then one day we simply vanish and are back in Gods house, back together, still laughing and playing....still sharing, still in love, still together as we wait for our children and our grandchild to share our life of eternity again.


  1. What a fascinating thought! So true, how time flies!

    A lovely graphic with this post, too, by the way. Interesting how you reversed it.

  2. Very interesting concept, Betty!!

  3. would be nice to be smart and young.


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