Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you There?

 I silently said a prayer that you were still there watching over me. I can see your face staring back at me in the mirror as I comb my hair...Is that you? Are you there?  I continued putting on my makeup and fight back the tears so my mascara wont smear...Are you there?
Please tell me you are there! Show me you are watching !
I pray that the song they sing today will be "Amazing Grace". It is the last song I sang to you as you held my hand., remember?....Are you there?
I sat in church just an hour later and the song leader ask us to stand, then the sweetest sound is heard as the  choir sings out...It was "Amazing Grace"!
I cant hold back the tears now and the joy as I feel you standing there beside me....You were there! You are always there!
Zadie Thomas, Harrigill
Feb 12, 1929 -Sept 06, 1998


  1. Betty, How Beautiful! Mom would have loved to read this. She was such a loving and wonderful woman. I, like you miss her so very, very, very much! It is odd that you heard her beautiful song at church Sunday. I too had an experience that same night while visiting my Son & his family in Vegas. We were playing a card game where you are given words to guess. My word to everyone was "Amazing". My granddaughter’s eyes opened up very wide & said...Grandma! I told her about your experience that day, so just to see the word "Amazing" seemed to me as if she was also with me too. I love her & miss her so much. Thanks for sharing.

  2. She was a beautiful woman.

  3. Loved Her!!!RH & RH


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