Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let me Introduce

Jana, from over at A Doctor and a Nurse. When she asked me if I would be her guest on her Blog and tell her viewers about my fight with Skin Cancer and my feelings, I was honored
Jana's not only a fellow Blogger and Friend, she's a nurse and her husband is a Dr of Physical Therapy. Between them they have almost 40 years of experience in heath care. Her Blog is full of Heath issues, Great recipes, Family, and a lot more. Click on her link and read my post and don't forget to leave her a comment. While your there read some of her past posts, you'll be glad you did.    
Together maybe we can help get the word out there about the dangers of the sun and tanning beds.


  1. Great article, Betty. Glad you had this additional opportunity to share your story!

  2. Thank-you sis, for sharing your inspirational story. I am sure hundreds of people will read it & hopefully learn from it as well!

  3. Its amazing how harmless we think UV rays are when we are young. After loosing my sister, I'm a big advocate of wearing sunscreen.


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