Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Clock is ticking again

Happy New Year 2012....Wow, can you believe it? Where did last year go? Now the clock is ticking again...
Haven't blogged since last year! Haven't worked on Genealogy since last year! Haven't seen the kids since last year! Haven't been shopping since last year!...But ...
I have spent the first day of the New Year with the hubby. I have seen the sun shine the first day of the New Year. I have talked to my children the first day of the New Year. I have eaten my lucky black-eyed peas the first day of the New Year. I have blogged the first day of the New Year.
I really don't have any New Year Resolutions, I try not to make them because they are always to easy to break. But... I do have a check list for 2012:

  • Walk 52 weeks, 960 miles
  • Eat 1,095 healthier meals
  • Work more on my Genealogy and the 1,804 family members
  • Finish the 4 wall's and 2 stall's in the Barn
  • Travel 4,047 miles back to Maui, Hawaii in October
  • Hear the song,"Happy Birthday" for the 57th time
  • Add another number to my 38th wedding day
  • Share my Love with God and family for another 365 days
  • Have 1 less headache and 0 stress
Wishing everyone a Happy and Blessed year in 2012,
From our home to yours



  2. Happy New Year to you and yours! Looking forward to sharing the year with you.

  3. I always want to work more on genealogy. Such fun!

    °o o°
    | New |

  4. Happy New Year, Betty! It's been a real blessing--and an encouragement--to get to know you online this year. Looking forward to another year of blessings. No matter what, there is always blessing in what the Lord has in store for us!

  5. Happy New Year Betty...thank you for always being a faithful commenter. I promise to be better and return the favor!

    Here is to a wonderful 2012~

  6. Sounds like a great list Betty!!


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