Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Three Christmases of the Rather Little Tree

My friend JC, who is an artist, wrote this poem in 1979  and when she was in a tole and decorative painting class she met JoSonja who upon hearing the poem asked if she could illustrate a page or two in her book. She ended up illustrating JC's entire poem. All illustrations are copyright protected.

The Three Christmases of the Rather Little Tree

Once upon a Christmas time
not very long ago
There was a "rather little tree"
on a farm where fir trees grow.

The trees all planned their whole lives through
to be trimmed for Christmas cheer.
As each tree grew, he wondered
"Will they pick me out this year?"

But there among the trees so tall,
With handsome branches spreading
Stood this one "rather little tree"
And Christmas he was dreading

For though he tried his very best,
Big trees his growth did stunt.
No matter how he reached for sky,
He always seemed the runt.

Then all at once he stood alone;
the trees around him taken.
He tried to make himself look tall
So he's no be forsaken.

Hey, see that funny little tree?
Why don't you grab it, too?
Just toss it up on to the truck
And then we eill be through."

And so the "rather little tree"
Was shipped into the City
Where no one seemed to notice him
Until two folks took pity.

"This little tree will do just fine."
He heard the lady say.
"We need it for a party and
We'll use it just one day."

She took him to a great big room
And set him on a table.
Then dressed him up in ornaments
As much as she was able.

The children soon began to come;
Their eyes filled with delight.
He seemed the very prettiest tree
All sparkling and bright.

But now the day was over
And the party had to stop.
And so the "rather little tree"
Was stripped from base to top.

"I guess I'll have to leave him here.
I have a bigger tree."
"Oh, no," replied the lady's friend,
"I'll take him home with me!"

She took the "rather little tree"
To her husband with delight.
They trimmed him up and down again
And made him look just right.

And so when Christmas Eve came 'round,
They sat there hand in hand
And loved so much the little tree
That made their Christmas grand.

But she and her dear husband 
were going out of town
to visit far off relatives.
Their tree must now come down.

So very early Christmas morn
While icy winds did blow,
Off came the lights and ornaments;
He was put out in the snow.

He knew he should not feel so sad.
He's made so many gay,
But there he stood so much along
On this his Christmas day.

Soon he felt a tiny nudge
On his ourspread snowy branch.
There sat al tired little bird
Who'd found him just by chance.

And so the "rather little tree'
Spread out his needles warm
To protect the tired little bird
From the freezing winter storm.

The bird was sleeping peacefully
when little tree heard a cry.
For far above flew mom and dad
Sadly searching from the sky.

So with a branch he waved at them
And they flew down to see
Their little bird all snug and warm
In the "rather little tree".

Now gratefully the birds moved in;
Then daddy bird took flight.
He returned and dressed the little tree
In berries red and bright.

Soon other birds began to come.
The flew from near and far;
And snowflakes joined together
To form a Christmas star.

And so the "rather little tree"
In hearts will always live.
For it's not how very big you are
But how much love you give.

JC Steele
Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. What a sweet poem! So happy jc shared this.
    Aren't we the luckiest of people to meet such wonderful people!


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