Monday, November 7, 2011

The Person I Admire

That's a simple one! I admire my husband! He doesn't complain much. He works hard. He doesn't want for much or ask for needless things. He is quite spoken and I haven't see his temper but maybe a handful of times in all the years we have been married and even those few times he was not hateful or mean. Let me tell you what I admire, an example.....
One weekend this Summer, we took our youngest daughter to Texas Road House to eat after Church. We had been seated to the left of the bar area where the booths line the outside of the room. There you could see the TV's and as we ate we watched Wrestling. Later, a young couple comes in with two very small children and were seated to the booth right in front of ours. Before the father ever sat down he walked to the bar and asked to change the channel, not asking those around if they minded watching football. Well, he sat down and by this time we were done eating and was waiting for the ticket. My daughter had gone to the restroom and was not there at that moment, and I was not paying any attention to my surroundings and was checking my cell phone messages. All of a sudden I hear this cussing coming out of no where! The young man was standing no further between him and my still seated husband than maybe one foot, and cussing so bad. My husband stayed calm, asked him what his problem was and couldn't get this wild person to stop with his mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening... like is this really real? I sat there for just a minute and  then I just asked the man to listen to what he was saying... those ugly words coming out of his mouth. Did he not see his children hanging on the back of the booth watching his dad and his actions,  hearing that language? Even the mans wife was trying to get him to sit down.
 Finally, he did. My husband never moved from his spot the whole time, he didn't back off and had the young man started a fight or worse , James would have had to use defensive measures. He didn't cuss the man back, or even raise his voice.
Later on the way to the car and I asked what happened, what did I miss? What was going on in there? James said that the man had turned all the way around in his seat and glared at him with a wild, crazy, and hateful stare that just didn't stop. So, James only asked him what was his problem, why was he staring at him that way? That man just went crazy like a wild man...Jumped out of his seat and into my husbands face...
I admire my husband for handling it in the matter of which he did. How he held his ground, but didn't yell and cuss back. What good would that have done but make him to be as ugly as that man. I was proud of him .

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  1. You certainly have a treasure. Most men would not have held their temper in check. Thanks for sharing your heart today. Happy Monday! ☺


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