Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I think I have a lot of things I could say are my guilty pleasures in life. I love to fly! I love to travel! I have been on many, many trips without the hubby in our marriage. I know couples who wouldn't think of taking a separate trip or do something without their sufficient other holding their hand! I admit, I love it. My husband and I have always trusted the other. I DONT need him to hold my hand to use the restroom, or run to town. He's a big boy! So, I'm guilty of that pleasure! It makes a marriage, or any other relationship stronger. You need to do things apart! You need to have different hobby's and pleasures! 
I also have hobby's I like. I am a Find- a-Grave volunteer and its a hobby that goes hand in hand with my Genealogy hobby.
I love to walk...a lot! And I like taking swim aerobics, its a relaxing time. I guess my other guilty pleasures are my Blogs. I manage four of them. Check them out. The Bunk House is also a hobby I do. Renting it out for getaways, over night stays, and visits comes with a lot of pleasure in meeting new people and sharing our little Bunk House with others.
Some people say chocolate is their guilty pleasure, that's the least of mine. What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. Strolling through cemeteries and geneaology. Ditto. Love it. :-)

    I do yoga, swim and love a good nap. My blog is very important to me. I also love to read. :-)

  2. I am not sure if I am “guilty” of these pleasures, but a few of mine are decorating my home, buying new cloths, & eating out, being with my husband, visiting my son, traveling by plane or just a fun "road trip." BUT, most of all...I LOVE being with my 3 year old grandson! One thing my hubby & I are guilty of is taking many trips without the other. I love flying as well, & visiting family or friends without hubby & his guilty pleasure is fishing, surfing & hunting, sports, etc....without me. I don’t like sports, so I would rather he went (for days) without me. And I sure DON’T want him holding my hand while I am in the bathroom…lolo. I guess I am one of those wives who is guilty of enjoying every minute I can with my husband because I KNOW that one day soon he will be gone (unless I die 1st)….we have been married for 44 years, so especially now, every moment together means everything to us. We were married at ages 18 & 19 & (we have raised each other….as my husband puts it) & as we grow older our time together becomes more precious to us. Thanks for this blog….it really makes one stop & think “what is important or what is guilty” to me…
    Lv ya!

  3. 2retirednewmans...great minds think alike!

  4. Sewing & Blogging are mine! Happy Monday, bloggy friend! ☺


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