Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three months until Christmas...No way!

Three months until Christmas...No way! Where did the days go? I need to focus and start planning. I love Christmas time. This year my sister and her husband will be sharing our Christmas holiday, something we have never done together in all our adult life. I cant wait. Christmas with us and New Years with our brother in Florida. 
At the top of my home page is a tab called ,"The Twelve days of Christmas", which is a question and answer challenge I did last year with Cait, over at The Blessed Life . We are very traditional like many family's during the holidays. 

When I was growing up, we didn't have Christmas traditions. When I married and had children we started some that have carried over in our home for thirty-seven years now….

First off, we NEVER open gifts on Christmas Eve. I always liked getting up early in the morning with the kids and see their eyes light up with the excitement of seeing what Santa had left under the tree. We kept this tradition even after the kids left home. We still open our gifts only after everyone has arrived Christmas morning. 
Our second tradition is our tree decorations. My husband and I are western people and I have collected and added western ornaments every year, so our collection has grown a lot.  I also collect Western Santa's. I hope one day, perhaps our grandchild might be going through the boxes of ornaments  she  might come across in the attic one day when were long gone, and remember those western ornaments she helped hang on the tree each year. Each one special, each one with a memory or a story that she may carry in her heart.
My last tradition is my favorite one. Stockings, I love them! Everyone in our family has a stocking with their name and western brands. I made these years ago and even premade enough to have when son-in-laws and grandchildren would come into our family picture one day. And as they did, I would get one out and add a name. Stockings are fun. Great small things can fit into them, one surprise after another. Stockings are dumped out and gone thru way before gifts are even opened. Seeing everyone go thru the goodies like a treasure chest is so exciting to watch.
Well, I better get busy...make my list, check it twice...two more stockings for my sis, paper, ribbon, tape...Three more months until Christmas....where did the days go?


  1. Hey, September just started...give me 4 months until Christmas...I felt rushed when you said "3" gotta get the twin granddaughters out of the house in 2 1/2 weeks, then I hope to have time to even think about Christmas...whew...time is flying by...then there's the craft fairs and flea markets to participate in...and sewing,sewing,sewing....whew...I'm tired already just thinking about it....thanks for your comments about pitch forks over at Mel's Designs from the Cabin...Mel

  2. 2retirednewmans

    I know what you mean about Christmas Traditions. I too wanted to start something we could enjoy each year with our grandchildren, so I give each of them a special Christmas ornament each year & all I ask is that they keep good care of each one until they are grown & on their own so when they look at their ornaments they will remember something special about that year.


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