Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Barbie throws a Party

 Barbie and Ken threw Emily a surprise Birthday Party today with all her friends. The guests enjoyed cake, ice-cream,  fruit candy mix, juice and sandwiches. Emily received several gifts that even Barbie would want.
Ken is always hungry and started before all the guests had a chance to get their plate...
 Cinderella Barbie loved the Birthday cake...
There was lots of presents for Emily from all the Barbies. She could hardly wait to open them...

  There was lots of Dancing...
Ken was still eating and I think on his second sandwich...
 Birthday Barbie baked Emily a cake and she blew out her 5 candles. When we asked her what she wished for , her answer was. " To eat no more peas".  Emily has two more party's this week. One tonight with her mom and dad and then her big party is this Saturday with 10 little girls having a Glamour Party...What a birthday! Cant wait to see next years. Thank you for coming to Emily's party.


  1. Happy Birthday to our little princess! We love you and wish you many, many Happy Birthdays!
    Nana & Papa

  2. Have a Happy Birthday Emily... Looks like you had a great time at such a wonderful party.


  3. Love this! Reminds me of my 2 granddaughters, we always did Barbie things. Enjoy it while they're young. My oldest turned 19 today!

  4. Elaine1952August 16, 2011

    Will you be my Nana?

  5. Happy Birthday Emily! I love your party!

  6. Happy Birthday to My adorable niece!!! I wish I could have been there for the party. I hope you saved a piece of cake for me when I see you in December.

    You really outdid yourself this time Sis! I LOVED this blog!!!
    Sis & Auntie

  7. Happy Birthday to Emily! Wow 3 birthday parties, that is awesome. Reading this brought me back when My BabyGirl was having the girlie parties. Loved her original wish!

  8. What a sweet idea! I love this idea but it would NEVER fly with my four BOYS! LOL!

  9. That's so sweet...I passed your post about barbie's party on to my 16 yr old twins who's b'day is today...they thought it was cute...thanks for your comments on Mel's Designs from the Cabin....Mel


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