Monday, August 1, 2011

Balancing my life

I have been out of balance lately!
In January of 2010, I bought some run / walk shoes by Under Armour and then entered my very first 10K and loved it. They say that for every good pair of shoes you should get 500 miles out of them and replace them after that.
Lately, each step I took was feeling unbalanced. It was interfering with my walks and my runs. I was beginging to have sore feet and knees. I felt sluggish and tired. I had over extended my miles per shoes and with the really hot weather mixed in, the soles of my shoes were almost gone.
 Yesterday I bought a new pair of Under Armours and what a difference it made in my steps this morning as I walked and ran. Its like night and day. I had more energy and my feet didn't hurt.
As I did my four miles, I couldn't help but think about how I had been unbalanced in my health journey. I had let a few pounds creep back up alone with a couple of inches. I have practiced being in balance with what I eat for so long that I let myself somehow fall off the track. I thought about how when we feel unbalanced in life it can effect everything around you. Your mood, your body, your health, your whole life starts tilting away from the center. 
Replacing my worn out shoes is just the beginning of the healing process to getting my life back in  balance. 
With the help of NutriMirror and what I have achieved the last two years, I will have no problem getting back on the right track. 
 On my profile of my blog I have always said .... Sometimes the path we travel in life is one that God is leading us on! Where we go on that path is where the journey takes us! 
My path is to keep my eyes on God, stay focused to what he wants me to do. My Journey while on the path is to keep my body, my life , and my soul balanced.


  1. Can I hear a woo-hooo!!!! for outwalking your shoes in such a short time? Sheesh! Go you. :D

  2. Boy there is nothing better then getting a new pair of t-shoes to make u run faster. I heard new t-shoes will make the blues go away also. All the down feelings are gone an you are back on track again it sounds like. It took a couple of weeks for me to start to getting to feel better not so depressed after the trip we took. I stayed in bed for a few days. Up and Out!

  3. VERY WELL PUT! I would love to get my life back "on track" GOD does have a reason for EVERYTHING & maybe his plan for you is to help others get their lives back on track. Good job sis. I love you


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