Friday, July 1, 2011

Once upon a time

 Once upon a time on a small country farm, there was a young women who sat quietly outside on her fence and reflected on her life.
 She flipped the memories in her mind, page by page, as she read her life's story. 
  As she read chapter after chapter, she began seeing herself turn into the story book character she saw on the pages. 
First she read about her life as a child, then a teenager, and then a young mother. She read  about the time she meet her husband, their wedding day, and the birth of their two beautiful daughter's. 
She continued reading the next chapters in her book. The ones  where her daughters  left the nest, married, and started their own lives. 
She cried as she read the passing of so many loved ones she knew and she couldn't stop smiling as she read the chapter about the birth of her granddaughter. 
The book was full of the story's about Family gatherings, Holidays, vacations, and the many happy days she had lived through. But alas, she was slowing down and getting older!
  Her friends and family were living way to far to see anymore. Party's were a thing of the past, and days were getting shorter. The now older women just lived a life of cooking, housework, chores, and running an occasional errand.
There were chapters of the fun things her husband and she did together. They traveled from time to time, ate out , and  still stayed involved with her husbands love for horses and team roping.

But the women wanted more as the end of her book was near. So she asked her husband to join her on the last pages of their life together. There still was time for more chapters to be written and many new memory's to share.
 And he agreed and magically took his place in the pages of her book and the women and her husband lived many years happily ever after !
Once upon a time on a small country farm, there sat an old women.... 


  1. I love this one! You are so good with stories. I relate so well with this one. Very cute.
    lv ya,

  2. A good story Betty.. But it will be so sad to be alone without your best friend. It is going to be hard to live that chapter of my life if it is without Roy. Hopefully he will live to be in his 90's and we can pass on togather. Love

  3. You definitely gave me my first smile of the day today :)

  4. You are so good at this! I love the Barbie dolls.


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