Monday, June 6, 2011

The Sympathy

Last year I blogged about Unfinished Books on the Shelve.  They are the books I take off my dusty shelve of life. I read one, sometimes more, removing them carefully and replacing them back where I found them...sometimes I have to dust one off for not being read in so long. There are old tattered ones, and then there are days like today that I add a new one to the shelve.
  As I stepped out of the house in the early morning daylight this morning, I was over whelmed with the sounds. It was unusually loud and all at once, echoing every where. The birds were singing and chirping, and cooing all around me. I heard a Whip-O-Will in the trees by the house and a Wood pecker hammering on the pine tree across the road. I heard the Crows cawing to each other as they saw me step out, alerting one after another. I heard the Mocking birds imitating the other birds over and over repeating them selves. I heard the baby Finch peeping as they sat on the branches near the swing. I heard sounds of others, unsure of what they were, but still I could hear the different calls. 
The sounds all around at once were like a sympathy that God was conducting as if just for me to hear as I walked and ran this morning. I thought about those unfinished books I always have on my shelve and I knew I had to add this one to my collection. Its the book of Music. It doesn't have lyrics, only the sweet music notes written across the pages. It doesn't have Titles, or page numbers, but it does have an author....GOD 


  1. I just pulled down a book to read this summer, I have gotten so far behind on the want to read list that all my books have dust! maybe with longer days of summer I will get one or two done. thanks so much for all your wonderful comments on the blog, looking forward to seeing your stories when Story tellers starts up again!

  2. Usually end my day reading something, if even just one page ;-).

    It's a rare occasion that I experience they type of silence you spoke of with two kids but love to wake up to birds chirping...sure sign of warmer days ahead ;-)

  3. I too need dust off my "many" books that I plan to read someday....There are sooooo many!
    Just Another Day

  4. It is nice reading this resourceful information..Thanks for sharing!



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