Friday, June 10, 2011

How does your garden grow

Betty Betty Quite Contrary
How does your garden grow?
With Fruit and Vegetables
And Sun Flowers all in a row.

 I cant wait until the Sun Flowers are in full bloom. Remember last years Flowers when I learned how to make our own Sun Flower Seeds, Better Than Store Bought !
And remember when last year the Coon's They brought their whole family !
             This is our second year to have a Summer Garden and as you can see everything is starting to grown and soon we will be enjoying the bounty of our garden.
We planted white potatoes also and have already eaten all of them. We didn't get too many but will try again next year.
We also have strawberry planted but they haven't produced yet.
 The Okra is for James, I don't like them so he will have to eat them all .I love Sweet corn. The Tomatoes are also for James but he will have to fight me to get to the Cantaloupes, they are my favorite. I can just taste them now!
  All good things come to those who wait...  And I cant wait! How does your Garden grow?


  1. WOW! This makes me want to start my own garden. I love everything except for the cantaloupe..lolo.
    Just Another Day

  2. Yes,Yes I remember it so well, that is when we where at your house and your Brother was in the hospital getting surgery done on his stomach a very serious operation. We where on our vacation and going out to Phoenix and Roy comes down with a crohnes attack and has to have surgery. Thank God it happened when it did since it happened, that we where at your house we ended up staying with you over two weeks instead of a couple of days. But anyway you where gone and I came into the house and I saw these things floating in a bowl I could not figure out what they where thought they where beans. And latter on you told me they where sunflower seeds soaking in salt water. Then that night James sat up all night waiting for those racoons to come and eat the watermelon he sat in the truck just waiting I can't remember if he saw them or not.... I don't know how he went to work the next morning.
    But those coons where eating all them melons and the one he got befor they did was so sweet an goodddddd.....Well, we waited this time to go on vacation and will be at your house in the end of July so save us something good from the garden...Love

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    My Garden isn't growing like this. You have a great looking Garden, you have put allot of work into it for sure.

    I have potted cherry tomatoes that are awesome, some big tomatoes that are still growing. My Israel Melons are just now starting and I have found 3 of them. I never had one before but I hear that they are sweeter than a cantaloupe.

    My yard has so much sand stone under the ground that it takes allot to get it ready for a garden. But next year I'm going to go just a little bit bigger.


  4. Wow, your garden is absolutely AMAZING!! Mine is just starting to burst from the ground. Having a garden is one of the greatest joys in this world!!


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