Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Family, Friends, and Fun

While visiting my sister in Arizonia I had so much fun. We ran the roads everyday and tryed to cram a lot of activites in the two weeks I had. Beside our walks, shopping, eating out, going to church, and even having a Garage Sale. 
We went to the Arizona Science Center to see "Body World & The Brain.

My sister, brother-in-law and I had a fun time riding a 6 mile bike  ride around their neighborhood. We even stopped for a brake at the park to goof off.

  I was happy to have the chance for my sister and I to meet two NutriMirror members,  Christine and Julie
 WE ALL MEET UP AT True Food Kitchen in the Biltmore Fashion Park. The food was delicious and the service was wonderful.
We had a really fun server named Deanna, who kept us laughing during our whole meal. She was even wearing our NutriMirror green as if she knew all about it.

I was amazed at how beautifully colored the food was. 
I was the one in the group who was the picky one, but as you can see I found something I really enjoyed. It was the Shaved Turkey with provolone cheese and lettuce on a warm Pita bread and Honey Lemonade.  

The entire menu is centered on the principals of Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Food Pyramid.
We went shopping of coarse and while she was buying shoes in Macy's I grabbed these off the display and after the sticker shock of seeing $250.00, and not being in any high heals in a few years, especially this high, I thought I'd try them on for laughs. They were so straight up and of coarse two sizes too big. I was scared to stand up straight at first....They were pretty though and had silver spikes on the heals. I'm sure Kel, one of my NutriMirror friends would love them.  
We don't have Trader Joe's in Louisiana and I have read and heard so many great things about it, so we had to check it out. I loved it. I wish we had them, thats where I would shop. I wanted to buy the famous Sipping Chocolate that everyone brags about in the NM journal room, but the guy that worked there said it was seasonal. I guess I'll never know what it taste like. My sister and I bought salad goodies and fruit. She even threw in some Hummus .
I have had a good time with my sister. Shes very special and I love her more than words can ever say in writing on a blog. We dont always see eye to eye, but we always meet somewhere in the middle...well, most of the time. I will take a lot of good memories from this visit ....and a lot of her clothes...and I look forward to more fun times in the future. Look at this beautiful sunset that ended a perfect day in Arizona...

Thanks sis!


  1. sounds like everyone had a wonderful time!!

  2. I'm jealous. Looks like so much fun.

    Killer shoes...literally. I think you could kill someone with those. Cute!

  3. Of course I loved those shoes!!

    I love True Foods too. I ate there 3 times in 5 days last year!

  4. It has been LOTSSSSS of fun & I AM going to be so lonely after you leave tomorrow! It was so much fun meeting Christine & Julie. Jim, you would have been so proud of the 4 of us....all we did is talk "healthy eating"...lololo

  5. Glad you both had fun! Love RH

  6. nice sun set

  7. What a lovely time!


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