Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What if

This Friday, my sister-in-law, Cecelia, will be having surgery. Doctors are removing a fifteen pound or larger, tumor on her kidney. They are also going to take her kidney. It is so hard to even fantum something that large attached to an organ. Thats like giving birth to an over sized baby. What causes such things to happen to us? It certainly isnt God!
There seems to be an abundantly large amount of health problems in our two family's. I've Blogged on it before...were getting old and our bodys are falling apart. We never dreamed we would face bad health. Never even planned that in the "Big Pitcure of life!"
If I were as young as my children are now, I would do so much different to take care of my self. Perhaps it would help later down the road, perhaps not... But it would  sure help some. There will always be the what ifs and the should haves in our mind as we age...
What if I had stayed out of the sun or wore sun screen when I was out in it. I wouldn't have had to face all the skin cancer problems I have gone through and still face.
What if James hadn't ever chewed tobacco. He wouldn't have lost his fingers and almost his life due to Burgers disease.
What if I hadn't feed my family so much junk food and unbalanced meals. We wouldn't all be struggling with weight problems.
What if I hadn't of been so tired or lazy to exercise . I would be in better shape and could breath so much better.
What if....What if...What if...
I cant go backwards in life but I can do better with the time I have left!
My sister-in-law is a strong women. I have always admired her and her life. She is a determined women with strong beliefs and a kind heart. I haven't told her enough that I love her, but I know she knows I do. She will get through this set back in life and come out a healthier person.
I guess we could look at her surgery in a lighter note.....She will be fifteen pounds lighter in just four days! That would take me two years to lose.....What if ...


  1. Betty, sending your sister in law healing thoughts. Keep us posted.

  2. Hope it all goes good !!!!!!!
    Don't say what if . There is going to be what if even if you could change things .

  3. I'm sending hugs to you and your family and I'm keeping your sister in law in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. I will lift her up in prayer Betty. God Bless, Jana


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