Friday, February 11, 2011

The four Books

Yesterday after school, my granddaughter and I drove to the Webster Parish Library to explore all the adventures in the children's library.  She tells me before we arrive , Nana, ya have to be quite  and whisper in the library. I know, I said. " I'll try to be quite as a mouse."
 I don't remember my mother ever taking me to a library building but I do remember the Library Book buss that came once a month. I loved getting to check out a book and reading. My granddaughter is like that. She loves books and her mother reads her up to seven every night and has since she was born. Those will be memories that will stay with her daughter all her life.
We were so excited when we finally got there and she couldn't wait to show Nana the new book wall. There were a lot more on the wall but the others were more for boys...euuuu! 
They are cute and can be made easily from a box and a printed cover, add some details and corners and  yours can look as good as theirs. These books were about 11 x 14.
"Rapunzel "
There's a lot for children to do there. They have computers, games, an exploring wall, a play house, a hugh bean bag chair to read a book, and oh yea....BOOKS! Lots and lots of books!
    I helped her pick out four books and then we played on the exploring wall some.
After a bit, we decided that we would get on one of the learning computers. She was all ready to go, mouse under her hand. Click on the green area it says. She did. Enter your Library card number. She looks at me, waiting. Nana forgot to get the card from the house before she left but I told her I bet they could look it up and asked her to sit very quietly and still as I asked the Librarian. I need my number I explained so my granddaughter could get on the computer. Oh no, we don't do that! You must have your card! Ya mean I wouldn't be able to check out books either? I had forgotten my card before! I turned and walked back to the computer table to try to tell this to my granddaughter and hoping she wouldn't be upset. I told her Nana forgot the library card so the lady said we couldn't check out any books today or play on the computer. As we walked back to the car, her little hand in mine, my 4 year old granddaughter looked at me and said, "Nana, that's OK, we have to follow the rules here just like at school." My little granddaughter is very wise. She amazes me what she teaches me. Yes, I said, we have to follow the rules.
On the way to my house to wait for my daughter to pick her little girl up, she called and I told her what happened. When they got ready to leave that evening, guess what was on the front seat of her car? The four books my granddaughter and I had picked out...


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