Thursday, January 20, 2011

What about the check list?

Do you ever have a day where ya just don't know how you squeeze all the things ya need to do in it? I had a plan for today...well, like I said, I had a plan but somehow I lost the list in my cluttered brain. 

Walk 4 miles, bath, log breakfast
Bank, Drug store, Cleaners
Post Office, swing by beauty shop
Grocery shop

Well, I did manage to check off the list, but who added all that other stuff to it? Who forgot to fill up the gas tank last, making me squeeze in a stop to the gas station? And did I mention...Its raining! So much for the ten extra minutes doing my hair this morning. 
And what about that stop at the drug store and my youngest daughter, who works there said she had shipping boxes for my eBay stuff that she would put in my car? And did I mention...I drive a sports car with no back seat and now she used the trunk space up and I have the shirts from the Cleaners in the passenger seat ! Now I have to squeeze in a trip back to the house to unload my car. So much for that gas I just got while standing in the cold rain and messing up my hair!
And what about the eight people I ran into while shopping in Walmart's grocery department? And did I mention...That the milk and egg beaters I put in my basket an hour ago is now hot from getting drawn into conversation with those eight different people on different isles! Now I have to squeeze in time to go all the way back to the back of the store where the cold stuff is and exchange my milk and egg beaters and I still have to check out and load the grocery's in my sports car, in the pouring rain! So much for that umbrella that's not helping me as my now wet hair is as wet as my clothes!
And what about that trip to the post office where I stood in line to mail one small package and the clerk tells me it will be $5.75 and I get her to open the package, sell me a large padded envelope, loan me a pen to rewrite the address and taking an extra ten minutes to do all this while ten people behind me are giving me death stares for holding up the line. The clerk says after weighing the envelope that it will now take $5.52 plus the $1.90 for the padded envelope! And did I mention...I had only charged the eBay customer $4.00 for shipping! So much for the time I took this morning after breakfast boxing that package in the first place, just to spend  wasted time repackaging it and then not saving a dime after all and for the gas I didn't save while circling the block twice to get a parking spot close enough to the door because its raining and I didn't want to get my clothes and hair any wetter than I already was!
What about those grocery's I still have to unload in the rain and put away? What about the house I still have to clean? What about that laundry and the dinner I still have to cook?....Oh the heck with it.....
I'm going to do my hair!


  1. Your so funny ! Hope you got it all done :)

  2. Crazy dat! I think you should stop writing lists & stay in doors. Become a latch-key wife. It keeps away the stress.

  3. I am sending this link to my husband....with the note....

    "See, I'm not the only one." ;)

  4. You are so right. Ever have anyone ask you, "What do you do all day?" That one really makes me want to scream. I hope you got just as much of a chuckle out of your day as I did.


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