Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Play Checkers with me Papa

Checkers was one of the first board games I ever learned. Both my Grandfathers loved to play checkers and I can remember many times playing against them. So when our four year old Granddaughter asked her Papa to play checkers with her, it brought back those childhood memories....
   She asked little questions, but listened quietly as Papa told her how to play... 
She thought about each move...
Checkers teaches a child how to become patient when waiting for the opponents turn. It also teaches math skills. But that wasn't on the mind of either our granddaughter nor her Papa... 
They were sharing and making a memory that they both would never forget and either will I.


  1. seeerious cuteness!!

    hey i just heard of another swap you might like to join:

    oh how i wish your email was enabled. *sigh* i would love to be able to continue the conversation when you comment on my blog...

  2. Cute hope u didn't just let her win . Looks like she had fun.

  3. I'm following you now... FINALLY. Hahaha, I thought I already was following you. *palm/face* goodness me... I'm going bonkers!

    ANYWAY... thank you so much for the sweet comment... for always being faithful to my blog -- and adding my button to your blog!

    Bleah Briann

  4. Oh my!!! Bring tears to my eyes! Reminds me of the firts time me and pawpaw Hall played. I remeber how he taught me to play & me not wanting him to show Delana how to play. LOL! :) S.H

  5. love you papa


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