Saturday, January 8, 2011

I love Blogging

I really love blogging. I may not get a lot of hits, comments, accidental readers, but I do like my blogs. Blogging relaxes me. Reading other blogs relax me. Some of the ones I like to read when I need help with my eating and health  are Balancing Health , NutriMirrorspunkysuzi working towards a healthier me , Weigh Down , serenity swamp.

If  I'm looking for a good recipe I look at The Food librarian , The Kel Show , smashed peas and carrots, or Happy Cakes and My daily nosh.
Smashed Peas and Carrots
Some days I need help with my walking or encouragement on a run or feel like I need a reason to enter a 10K, so I turn to these blogs...Live, Run, SmileRunning for a cause and Neurotic Glamor Girl.
There are so many Blogs to list them. Some blog every day and some like me when the brain starts spitting out words on a key board. I think my own blog's,  that I would have to say are my favorite ones that I wrote are This Old Bible , Unfinished Books on the shelve ,I Dont see Popup's , and As I walk in the Silence of the Crisp Air.

Some times I get my best thoughts while I'm walking and sometimes they come to me while I cant sleep. I have three blogs. This one, The Bunk House, and The Branches on our Tree. This blog, you might be reading now, if I didn't already bore you on the second sentence, is where I write whats on my mind and I want to share with you. The Bunk house is our Guest house. We recently had a NutriMrror guest , Andy! The third Blog I manage is for my genealogy that I want to share with friends and family.
I blog on other sites like NutriMirror and Blog For a Cure where I support people who are suffering and dying from all types of Cancer..
I've posted My Skin Cancer Journal in hopes that I might help at least one person. My heart breaks when I read blogs like The Sartins, where little Sam is fighting Neuroblastoma.
I love blogging....It is like a different book each time I come here.


  1. Keep up the Great work!!!! Love RH

  2. Thanks for the shout out Betty!

    You will find some great recipes this week on The Kel Show!

    See you there or on NM!

  3. love reading this blog .

  4. I love blogging too. Thanks for sharing your favorites and helping me get started. :)


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