Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am an eBay addict

 OK, I admit it......I am an eBay addict, I admit it! I like selling stuff and from time to time buying stuff on eBay. Its an adrenaline rush to bid against someone else, even if its something you really didn't need but just thought you had to have it. I have been high bidder at times where I won the item, paid for it, received it in the mail, just to put it back up for auction on my page. Didn't need it, wasn't what I thought, or cant believe I bought that! Some days you can sell several things and then there are times you DONT sell anything just to re-list it again and have to pay those re-listing fees. I have been playing the eBay world now since August 2000, thats Eleven years. Wow! Thats a lot of fees, but its fun. My feedback score isn't bad either:

Recent Feedback Ratings (last 12 months)
( 268Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499)

1 month6 months12 months
Positive feedback ratingPositive11515
Neutral feedback ratingNeutral000
Negative feedback ratingNegative000

eBay is a on line garage sale you can or cannot make money on, depending on how much you want to work at it. 
These are the Basic eBay steps:

Become an eBay seller
Do research and create listings
Improve your listings with better descriptions and photography
Set pricing
Open and use a PayPal account
Monitor your listings
Complete transactions

You can buy anything from furniture, antiques, clothes, cars as my brother has done.  even just a rock found on the ground that someone claims looks like a person.


Yes, I am an eBay addict! But so is a million other people too! No wonder the owner of eBay, at such a young age, is rich! What about you?


  1. Hey! Well...
    I haven't made a button in awhile -- I'm honestly not that good at it. :/ And I don't know how to add HTML to buttons. And I didn't design my blog -- someone else did.
    But I have a friend who does really good work for free. :)

    Leave me a comment letting me know if you'd like her link.


  2. Hi Bah, I sold on ebay for about 4 years. I loved it. I met a few people that purchased items from me that have become great friends of ours. I rarely buy now, but still love to look.

  3. http://megan-thelifeofagirl.blogspot.com/

    She's a real sweetheart. :) I'm sure she'll do great!



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