Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Story of Two Very Different Sisters

My sister and I are six years apart but so alike, thou different, its sometimes scary. I can be cooking something and call he later and shes cooking the same thing. I can be getting my hair done and when I talk to her, guess what, shes been to the beauty shop that day also. Even when I go to the doctor for what ever reason,I find out that she was having the same problem and had been to the doctor also. We both weigh about the same, wear our hair styles about the same , have mostly similar tastes except in food and shoes. She was always the one who loved any vegetable and I hate to eat mine. We both like to travel and have been on numerous vacations together.

It was the two of us that shared our mothers last minutes on earth and watched her take her last breath. Something we will never forget..
Laurel Atherton wrote ....
The Story of Two Very Different Sisters
One is here, one lives there. One is a little taller than the other. They have two different colors of hair, two different outlooks on life, two very different views from their kitchen windows. Both have different tomorrows ahead. Each is unique in so many ways. Each has her own story, with all the busy things going on at the present. Each has different work to do and different demands on the day. Each has a separate destination and a distinctly different path to get there But...
For all the things that might be different and unique about them....
These two sisters will always share so much. They will always be the best of family and friends, entwined together, through all the days of their lives. Their love will always be very special: gentle and joyful when it can be, reminding them, no matter how different their stories turn out....
They share the incredibly precious gift of being "sisters". And when you think of some of the best things this world has to offer, a blessing like that is really....what it's all about.

I'm sure there will be many alike things that we will share in our life. Many more vacations and many more memories, but there is no one I would rather share them with than my sister, Margie.


  1. What a wonderful relationship you both have! Indeed it is a precious gift.

  2. Dad-nab-it! You made me cry! That was so very beautiful, sis! I will cherish this for the rest of my life. Thank you. I love you too.

  3. I thought I made a comment on this shortly after you wrote it, but I guess I'm wrong because my comment isn't here. I love this blog! Thank you, Sis. It's true we are so different, but I think we mesh together very well. I love you very much.

    1. Yep... two peas in a pod and no one will ever come between us! I love you too!


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