Wednesday, December 29, 2010

She said I look better in bangs

 I had to go to the beauty shop today since I had put it off way too long. Ya know the drill. Wash, blow-dry, flat iron, spray, and fluff. It always takes me so long when I go because I have thick hair.
 My beautician hates washing it too because she tells me I don't hold up my head and I whine too much.
Well, she charges too much! So, this time I went to a well advertised shop that I found in the thrifty shopper. I saw this ad that said :

The sample cuts and hair styles looked  up to date and the beautician looked way more professional than the one I use now, so I thought I'd give her a chance.......


She combed....

She styled....

She teased...

She sprayed....

She restyled....

She combed some more....

She small talked....

She said I looked better with bangs....

She finally was done 4 hours later!!!!

 I LOVE IT, I said! How much is my 1/2 haircut?
$250.00? What? My old beautician only charges me $ 1.00!!!!! I think I'll go back to her!

But it was fun trying a new beautician,
 I guess I'll pay!


  1. I have tears in my eyes! This is toooo great! I want to try her next time I am in town, but I don't think I can afford her. What shop does she work for? I love the new look with the bangs...

  2. I laughed out loud!! she's worth every penny :) You can tell her i'm next!

  3. It looked like she did a reallly good job! She better watch her back she may have some beauticians out for her!! I'm Sure they don't go for new beauticians in town....Ha Ha so so cute! LoveRH

  4. what you went some where else :( . I'm so MAD !!!! how could you ?
    Next time you call 4 a appt. Im putting u off 4 .... three weeks . HAHAHA!

    wrcvn,fxzsdrthy ( emily wrote that )

  5. db, I don't blame you! I would make Betty suffer next time she goes to you. I think I would give her a "Mohawk". And, as far as that new "little cutie hairdresser"....I think I would pluck her brows off for trying to take one of your patrons away. lololo "by the way, what shop does that little cutie work at"?

  6. How cute! But 4 hours? But at $250 that works out to be a good hourly rate.

  7. She want do my hair. I guess she has a long waiting list to get to first. S.H


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