Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'll Catch you

Yesterday was spent at the Oncologist. He said the abnormal cells need to have Biopsy’s to see where we stand. So, I will be having surgery on December 17th. He said that I fall in the middle of a good cell and a cancer cell, meaning that they are atypia and can become cancer, but he really can’t say until they are biopsied. If they are cancer and my chances are in the 20%, he said he will sit down with me and my husband and talk about what’s next. I did not like the fact that when I asked if a pathologist would be on hand while I am in surgery, that they have to send them off. He said this is not a sweep of cells, only to go in and get several tissue samples.
 So, I will continue the waiting game again. He did remove suture strips and all was healing nicely, but that they would go back in that same area since there is a chip implanted. I looked that one up to see what the medal was made of….Titanium, which makes me have super women powers, right? 
The middle cell is is where I fall.
Atypical  is usually discovered after a biopsy to evaluate a suspicious area in your breast. During the biopsy, tissue samples are removed and sent for analysis by a specially trained doctor (pathologist). The tissue samples are examined under a microscope, and the pathologist identifies atypical hyperplasia, if it's present.
To further evaluate atypical hyperplasia, your doctor may recommend surgery to remove a larger sample of tissue to look for breast cancer. A diagnosis of atypical hyperplasia often leads to a surgical biopsy (wide local excision or lumpectomy) to remove all of the affected tissue. The pathologist looks at the larger specimen for evidence of invasive cancer


  1. "hugs" I'm so sorry your having to go through this and the waiting must be hard!
    Sending you positive thoughts and healing vibes!!

  2. Will be praying for you as you go through this "waiting game"! Praying God's peace and healing will surround you!

    Read through your 12 days of Christmas so your western ornaments! And stocking are always one of my favorite parts of our traditions!

    Thanks for joining in!

  3. Love that you chose not to reveal your secrets!! :) Smart mom!

    glad you could link up again! Happy Friday!


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