Monday, December 6, 2010

Can ya see it?

Picture this morning, eyes closed....No, open your eyes or you cant read what I 'm writing.... 
I awoke to a  freezing 23 degrees this morning. The news said it was 25 degrees and my iPhone showed different. Doesn't matter who's right, because its still cold outside!

Now here's what I have to do to keep warm on my early morning walk. I talk myself out of a warm bed and put on a  full pair of thermal underwear, one pair of insulted jeans, a pair of wool socks, one head and ear band, one blue sweat shirt, one Red hooded jacket. I strap on my pistol, step on feet warmers before putting on  a pair of walking tennis shoes, zip up my jacket, put on a pair of gloves and then a pair of mittens that I stuff some hand warmers in the ends under the flaps...Can ya see it? 

 Oh no, I cant turn on my cell phone!
I'm standing at the front door  waiting for the hubby to say goodbye. No, really, I was hoping he would hurry up and help open the door because I am feeling like a Hugh sumo wrestler that cant move. 
" By the way, honey, can ya turn on my cell and put it in my back pocket?"
As I  step out in the cold, wobble down the road in all my many layers, I cant help but thank God for getting me out of that bed.  That he got me out of the house to enjoy that beautiful red morning sky he had painted. That he is taking care of me. That he walks beside me, every step! And because of him alone, I am warm and I am able to walk.....

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  1. it was cccooolllddd ! I have a cover in the car now for Emily , now that we are out the house by 7:10 am .


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