Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Path's have crossed

We all meet strangers everyday. We talk to people at the store, the gas station, the bank. We pass by strangers on the streets or in a crowd. In the last almost two years, I have meet and talked to strangers on line, on my blogs, in the cancer room, and on  NutriMirror. I can truly say I have talked to people everyday who I will never talk to in person or see. I have found some friends for perhaps life that I would not have met otherwise. Did God cross our paths?  I think so! God knows who we will talk to each day, before we even get up in the morning. He may keep it small, sometimes just my family. Some days, he mixes in a neighbor, or the bank teller, or a wrong number on my phone. On NutriMirror, the friends there that I talk to most of the time, are the ones that have helped me with my weight loss journey, then they were there for my  maintenance struggle. They were there to give me support through skin cancer and they were there when I needed a smile for the day.
I have talked to Andy as long as I have been in the journal room. He caught my attention with the post he was making about traveling the United States, giving up everything he owned except what would fit in his van, just to see our Country while he could. We have all kept track of Andy all this journey. He post wonderful story's and backs them with beautiful sites that he captures in a photo. What a dream….What a life….He will pass and talk to thousands of strangers….
This week, my husband and I were privileged to have Andy in our home. He is exactly as he is in the journal room as he is in person! A warm, kind person with so much knowledge, so many interesting story's to share. I’m so glad that we opened our home to Andy.  He's not a post in the journal room , nor just another NutriMirror member.  He's not a stranger anymore, he's a true friend!
Andy was a guest in our The Bunk House and while Andy was here I introduced him to my hobby with Find a Grave and took him hunting for old graves in Homer Louisiana.
We  also visited the Museum in Minden and learned so much about the history of Webster Parish.
This is Andy's Map that marks many stops on his trip and the many friends he has made along the way.
Andy has traveled to 16 States,13 National Parks, Seashores and Forests, 7500 miles, met 14 NutriMirror Members, and seen Bears, coyotes, deer, turkeys, eagles, etc... all in a year from today. He plans to travel many more states.

He let our home heading to Florida Everglades for the winter months and on his first stop after he left our home he stayed in the Homochitto National Forest near Bude, Mississippi! Bude is where my dad was born and look at the photo Andy posted today.... Just Beautiful!


  1. I'm so happy you got to meet Andy!! Lovely pic's too :)

  2. Well Andy if you are reading this hope you had a good time here . BE safe where ever your next stop is . Happy Thanksgiving !


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