Sunday, October 3, 2010

Its always good to travel

thumbnailCAHRNGQW Its always nice to see my bro, Roy, and my sister-in-law. He and Renea stayed the night on the way back from visiting our sister, Margie, in Arizona where they met up at her home with our Dad.
 Its good to see how well my brothers doing after his emergency surgery in July while on his last visit in Minden. He really gave us all a scare and I cant imagine life without him!

I’m really glad he and Dad had got to see each other in Florida, just last month. Dad got to meet  some of his  great grandchildren  while staying with Roy. Roy has 10 grandchildren….Wow, what a blessing that is!
So today there will be a lot of miles for both my brother and sister as one travels back home to Florida, the other travels back home from Texas. I know they had a good time! Its always good to travel, but its always good to get back home.
I love to travel and go on vacations but isn't it weird how you have to get back home to rest……I thought that's why we go on vacations…  Go figure! James and I will be on the road again soon....Its vacation time, here we go again...


  1. Betty you seem to always get it right! We had a FANTASTIC time seeing everyone! And seeing one of our favorite oldie singers Cher such a great show she put on. We came home to a green pool but it is fixable. But just being able to travel an have fun was just the best! It will take us a few days to recoupe but well worth it all!!To see Marjie feeling better and up and walking..And to come to your house and thank God James is doing ok and u and your face is just looking Great!!You are just going to look like a teny Bobber for ever!! The house looks Great also! Things are just great right now so that is a good thing! Oh Sassy wanted to Thank you for taking care of her when her Dad was in the hospital.She had a good time at your house!
    Love Renea

  2. Thats what family are for...Love yall!

  3. like it mom

  4. nice photos

    Margie,Roy so glad yall got to see your dad . Hope it was nice time .


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