Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home, or so we thought!

Back in March this year we hired a contractor to redo the roof of our home. The old house was sagging some in the back half and the eves were beginning to break. It had only been six years ago that we had  new shingles put on the roof, so this time we decided on a medal roof. We waited on the contractors list all through August when they finally got started.
The job was to be two weeks at the most. Well, the first day the workers were on the roof, one fell through my bedroom  ceiling. What was we to do? You couldn't get mad about it, after all it was an accident. I did tell the young while his legs were hanging there that I always wanted a sun roof, just not over the bed.
At the end of the day they tarped some of the roof but the back bedroom and the edges all along the house top were uncovered. Low and behold we had a pretty good storm that night with some strong winds! You guessed it! It leaked in the Living room in three areas, the master bedroom, and the back bedroom. Weather forecast was rain for the next several days so we contacted the contractor who sent his guys with more tarps. Now we had a blue roof, a huge dumpster in the front lawn, and a port-a-toilet next to the road. It was a pretty site, but as I said, ya cant get mad. After all the contractor was going to fix all this and we never got upset. Things happen, right?
 Now , the wooden beams, eves, and all are finished and its time for the medal roofers to come install the roof. They undraped different parts while they worked and would leave that evening with the roof tarped, so they thought.
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We had another  strong rain come and blew rain under the tarp right over the small bathroom. Yep, you guessed it again! It leaked in that room. As days turned into weeks, we finally got our medal roof we started out to purchase, but the jobs not over yet!
The contractor sent the painters next, to repair all the damage inside the house. They had to float and tape the master ceiling and the guest bedroom ceiling had to be torn out because mold had started in the wood beams and insulation. I think that room was the worse as far as the rain damage. Those pour painters thought they were just coming to paint! They took out all the old insulation, cleaned and treated for mold, float and taped a new ceiling. They textured both bedrooms, living room and kitchen. We had to move everything out  out of the way so James and I felt like we were moving. We actually did! We sleep in the Bunk house almost two weeks so they could get the inside done.  Thank God we have that house or we would have been sleeping in a hotel .While all the ceilings were being done the roofers came back and finished the under eves.
Lets see, now we have a  bedspread and curtains to replace because when the roofer fell in  he got that insulation all over it and the Dry Cleaners couldn't get it out without washing  them and they were dry clean only! He also torn the window blinds with his foot so we had to replace the blind and the other five windows in the house so they matched. We bought white wooden blinds this time and trying to save on money ,we did that work ourselves. Oh, it gets better…. We took the blinds back and forth to Home Depot four times, returning and cutting to fit. Were into the Blinds now over $400. Well, the last one in the living room which we thought was the same size as the bedroom was actually twelve inches longer! Home depot does not sell blinds longer than 72 inches, so we had to order the last blind costing us another $250  for that one window. Stop laughing!!! I took the old living room drapes to the cleaners to get cleaned and thought we would save there also. Not on your life! The cleaners melted all the backs! Yep, now we have to buy new drapes and new curtain rods!
This week, after almost two months, the contractor is by the house and we tell him there is a couple of spots in the hall way and we also needed the ends of the roof covered with medal so birds and wasp don't get in the attic. He sent roofers and painters back yesterday. The painters torn out the hall ceiling, replaced the insulation, textured, and painted.
James and I are living back in our house, painted each room and putting our house back one room at a time as we go. Were getting there! And to think, all we started out to do was put a medal roof on our house, never dreaming it would have a snowball effect!100_3726   “Home Sweet Home”


  1. looks good !

  2. Wow that was a huge job!! Does look really nice now though.

  3. Looks great. I KNOW you both are very happy that it is done!


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