Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Am I glowing in the dark?

During my HIDA scan

After they got an IV started I had to lie on a hard table no wider than a vanity top on my back. A medication was then injected into the vein in my arm. You have to lie still for two hours, without any movement. Boy that first hour seemed forever.

The second medication for the second hour while not moving, contained a radioactive tracer that travels through your bloodstream to your liver, where it's taken up by the bile producing cells. The radioactive tracer travels with the bile from your liver, into your gallbladder and through your bile ducts to your small intestine.

I tried to keep my mind on things like the house, wondering if the painters would be done when I got home ? Thought about breakfast I didn’t get to eat. Wondered what was happening in NM? Was it still raining outside? I must have finally drifted off to sleep a bit because the IV went out with that sound that doesn’t shut up until someone shows up. Dr comes in and says they have to take a few more pictures and then it will be over.

Finally after the IV is taken out and all the hair on my arm pulled off my skin, I'm told it will be Thursday before I get the results. The wait game, that’s all I have done with all these tests the last two weeks. Tests, passed over to other doctor that wants their own tests, and passed around like a bad penny. My Insurance is off the wall with claims and wanting money upfront for this and that. Deductible already made after the first nineteen hundred and a lot more to go. Shoot, this HIDA test today was a mere two grand. And this is what our New Health plan has changed? The only thing I see is that my premiums are higher and my Insurance wants to spread the wealth by making us go to a dozen doctors before the one finally yanks that bad boy gallbladder out so I can get back to a normal life. I still have the gallbladder to deal with and when is the surgery. Dermatologist to freeze around thirty or so skin cancers off face, neck, arms, and neck. Possibly two small bios. Then its women’s checkup and mammies and with the grace of God, I will not have to see another doctor for a long while. And the main thing about all these doctor appointments is that I will be BALANCED inside and out!
I bet I glow in the dark tonight!

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  1. did u ? you better get on the ball the year is almost up .


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