Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot off the Press, get it while it’s HOT

For all those who are always asking James and I how we lost so much weight. I tell everyone I can about NutriMirror, how it isn't a diet, but a life time change of better eating, better choices, and staying healthy!  It totally changed James and I .Read how it works at NutriMirror, give it a try, its FREE, then be sure and order Jim’s book. 
Extra, Extra …Read all about it
book(Posted by Jim at NM) 
Balanced Days, Balanced Lives, NutriMirror’s first HEALTH REFLECTION ™ Book title, is now at the printer. Jim expects delivery by August 17. Advance orders are now being taken through the NutriMirror Store and by phone at the PrePak offices (1-800-544-7257 X 280; M-F, 7:30 am – 4 pm PST.)
Initial print order was for 25,000 copies. 500 of these will have an embossed cover label denoting “Limited First Edition” and an additional bound-in page with photos and autographs of the creators --- Jim, Mike, and Pam Ray, and the M.O.M. girls ---Bethany and Tere Jensen. For copies of this Limited First Edition you should place your order now. These are reserved for NutriMirror members only and are limited to a maximum of two copies per customer.
For those of you who wish to have a personal salutation from Jim on your Limited Edition copy (or regular edition) you will need to call in your order at the number above and let Pam, Susan, or Sheila know of your request. He will sign until he needs to holler “surrender”.
If you are ordering three or more copies of the book, call for volume discount prices. There is a discount structure to cover Institutional and Professional accounts (businesses, health care professional, churches, find-raising organizations, etc); Dealer discounts for Resale; and National Distributor discounts. Again, if interested, you should call to learn the discount structure and to place bulk orders.
From James and I……….Thank you for changing our lives!


  1. Nutrimirror, gently revealed to me clearly what was missing in my quest to lose weight. Through the database I discovered how to improve my meals to achieve a GREEN day, which automatically equals weight loss. I also realized and embraced the fact that in order to lose I had to eat more calories based on my exercise. Being freed from the bondage of the weight scale and united as a friend to my food scale is a new concept and it works wonder. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Jim, Pam, Mike and the behind the scenes team that have so humbly offered this FREE to those who choose to use it and work tirelessly to keep it up and running all with a smile. But a greater unexpected reward is the supportive cyber family I have. Achieving optimal health is far more than about food/exercise and because of Nutrimirror I am empowered forever to have many balanced days and a balanced life.

    Love Ya!
    Cocorhum (Valerie)

  2. It has also helped me understand more about what is good & what is bad for me. I am able to keep better track of my nutritional intake where as before I never thought about it. I may not always keep track of my data, but I do now keep track of how much I eat. Thanks to you Betty & you too Jim.


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