Sunday, May 30, 2010

In “Honor” of Family Military

436d043b0da5d7b0 This Memorial Day has so much emotion for me. First, I live in Minden Louisiana where just yesterday a  local soldier, Joshua Abram Tomlinson, was laid to rest after being killed May 18 while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. How sad for the family  to go threw that, but even sadder is the fact that a Hate Group  traveled here from Kansas to protest during the funeral.
The sad thing is this young man left behind a young wife and family to fight and defend our country….Yours and Mine,  and our country cant and doesn't stop crazy people from doing this . Where is the justice in that? Where is the Honor? 9e01de745a85e26a
c8112dfee401fd1e5ba362d2af4ea3beI have been doing genealogy so long now on our family and its history. I love it and finally the puzzle is starting to all fit after all these years. I have added a Military Branch on my other site to Honor the memory of any soldiers in mine and my husbands family. I have just started to add information and cant wait to add more. Our family, like so many millions out there have the fallen soldiers, the killed in action, the ones defending our country at present, so I want to Honor their courageous acts for what they did and are doing. God Bless each soldier and keep them safe, and God bless the United States!

These are only a partial list of the men who served our Country in the Service. We have so many family that we are still researching anything will help and we would be forever grateful.

Wesley Alexander b. Dec 1825 d. May 18, 1864 – Civil War
William Alexander Jr. b. Aug 22, 1920 d. Jun 13, 1944- Killed in action in France during WW II
John Archibald Cato b. Feb 06, 1836 d. Jul 14, 1864 – Civil War- KIA in Battle of Harrisburg, Ms. with the 4th. Miss. Cav.
Stephen Lee Ford b. Jun 22, 1922 d. Nov 03, 2003 – US Army WWII
Fred Lee Freeman B. Dec 05, 1894 D. Jul 15, 1964 – us Army WWI
David H. Gurly B. Dec 25, 1911 D. Jun 08, 1945 -Gunnery Instructor
William Thomas Hall B. Apr 12, 1917 D. Sep 27, 1963- W.W. II
Freddie Leroy Harrigill Sr. - stll living - Navy
Freddie Leroy Harrigill Jr. -  still living -US Army
Benjamin Harrigill B.1787 D.AFT 1860 -Killed as 2nd Lt. at Murfreesboro, Tn.
Henry J.M. Harrigill B.1842 D. Dec 31, 1862 - Killed in Action Battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Samuel Madison Harrigill B. Aug 11, 1822 D.1882 - Company F 2nd Quinns Infantry
William T. Harrigill Jr. B. Sep 09, 1922 D. Jan 29, 1997 - 1ST LT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Robert James Lowery B. 1752 D. Sep 17, 1813 - American Revolutionary War, Private, South Carolina State Militia
James Edward Newman B. Jun 23, 1926 D. July 30, 2006 - Navy (Signalman 3rd Class)
Clifford Warren Patrick b. Nov 05, 1920 d. Jul 27, 1967 - Army Sarg.ent
James Monroe Smith b.1845 d. 1923 - 9th Louisiana Infantry, Co. D, Private, CSA
Marvin Vernel Thomas b. Aug 09, 1921 d, May 07, 1981 - WORLD WAR II, KOREA SMSGT US AIR FORCE

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