Thursday, April 8, 2010

Count your many Blessing’s

7d7005683f5a5940 If you're bored with life — you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things — you don't have enough goals.    
—Lou Holtz

This is today’s quote on my home page on NutriMirror. It really says a lot to me because I have been in a pity party all my own for the last week or so. I let some old worry's and feeling creep in the back of my mind and now I feel poor, poor, pitiful me. That made me stop and think about a few changes maybe I need to make but first I need to take a good look at my life and Count my many blessing’s so I will know what my new goals are.
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  • I am not a lost soul and I thank God for that. I have a God that will never turn his back on me no matter what and forgives me when I fail.
  • I have a husband, my soul mate, who loves me no matter what I do, say, look like, or mess up. He will always be there for me, support me, and encourage me.
  • I have two beautiful daughters, both different in their ways, but have grown into lovely Christian women with good morals, kind hearts, and the ability to take care of what life has to throw them. They have supporting husbands who take care of them and love them.
  • I have one of the best gifts God can give us…a grandchild. She's healthy, smart, beautiful, loving, and the joy of our life.
  • I have a roof over my head, a bed to lie down in, clean cloths on my back, and food on my table.
  • I have my health, sometimes broken, but always fixable. My body has healed from having baby’s, surgery’s, and cancer. I can walk 4 miles a day without pain, my BMI is 22.6, my Cholesterol is 156, and my BP is normal.
There are so many blessings in my life, the list would be long, but the goals I have made in a year are just as many. I need to set new goals because like today's quote says… If you're bored with life — you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things — you don't have enough goals. Live , Smile, Run sums it up in her fears post, Ask Garcia sums it up in her attitude post, and Nina's Survival sums it up in a post about surviving this life day by day. So  I’m making some new goals today, not a bucket list, not a to do list….my new life goals.
  • Learn, listen, and act on what God has for my purpose in life . Give him back some of the time he has giving me.
  • Be a giver, not a taker, from my husband more. Stop complaining and nagging so much. Enjoy what we have together.
  • Say something positive about myself everyday.
  • Spend more time with my children and granddaughter and make those memory's they will cherish and remember when I’m gone. Tell them know how much I love them.
  • Be grateful for the now, stop worrying about the future, so much…take one day at a time.
  • Count my blessings each day……One by One


  1. Sorry to hear you've been blue... nice to know you've got this outlet and are bringing yourself out of it (always with the help of our Savior).

  2. I count you a blessing in my life!

    Ask Garcia


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