Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So this is what 55 looks like

I was really dreading this mile stone in my life. This day rolls around every year before I know it and faster as years come and go. What does it mean to feel like we caught up with our parents, for our children to be the adults we once were, and the time we have left worrying about the Golden Years ?  My father is in his middle 80’s, my hubby in his late 50’s, my brother and sister in their early 60’s, my children in their 30’s, and my grandchild in her early youth. Which would I want to be?………None of them! 55 isn't all that bad! I am healthy, thanks to NutriMirror and learning to eat the right way. In eight months I have gone from weighing 148 and wearing a very tight 12, to now weighing 115 and wearing a size 2.  I am walking or running at least five days a week thanks to getting off the couch and taking control of life.photo4  I finished my first 10K this year and in two weeks I’ll be in a 5K.

I have hobbies that keep me busy like Genealogy and Grave hunting.  I work in the yard, garden, and mow. I am currently getting  our Bunk house ready to start renting for week end get aways. I can get around a computer as good or even better than most. Like the commercial says…I’m a PC ! I have survived Cancer, my hubbys stroke, I can still ride a Horse , sport the roads in my Mazda Miata , and bush hog the pasture on our 2600 Ford tractor .
I have a wonderful, sweet husband of 36 years, who loves me; Two beautiful daughters; and the most precious gift in my life, my granddaughter.random pictures 409
If this is what 55 feels like , 60 will be just another day, another chapter in my life, and another memory stored.
Happy Birthday to me…..Wife, mother, Nana, sister, friend…..


  1. I hope you had a GREAT birthday ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM ! LOVE U !!!!

  2. I love you too! Thank you for making my day special!

  3. So wonderful! You are so blessed. Thank you for sharing a bit of that here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :o)

  4. Thank you, Carrie! You also are very blessed! Look what you have done, what is right now...You have so much going for you...A kind husband, sweet and healthy children, and your taking control of your life!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! 55 looks FANTASTIC on yoU!

  6. It's hard to imagine! I pray I'm as well at 55, Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday to you! 55 is a beautiful thing. :)


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