Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It doesnt take much to make me happy

For Valentines this year I went to a Team Roping in Rustin, Louisiana and sat in the cold bleachers, wrapped in my blanket with a portable heater and a cup of hot cider. Afterwards  I shared chicken Flautas at Chili’s with my cowboy, and spraythen shopped for my valentine gift which I had asked for …Pepper Spray! I didn't need anything else and the dogs on my walks are aggressive!
It doesn't take flowers, candy, or a card to make me happy.  My hubby has never really been much of a romantic when it came to Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries and such. Sure, he's taken me on romantic trips like Hawaii, twice! He's even taken me to Bed and Breakfast's for an occasional  getaway weekend! He's taken me to expensive restraunts where we ate under can delight!  Sure, he's given me the occasional jewelry, flowers, candy, and cards. To this day I still have every card or letter he has ever given me since we meet when I was fifteen. I guess that's the romantic in me, but like I said, I don't need all the Fofo and gaga to make me happy.
What does make me  happy are the little things in my life like  sitting in church with both my daughters, grandchild, and husband; Seeing the smile on my grand daughters little face or when she gives her Nana a hug; Seeing a blue bird playing in the front lawn; Watching James rope a steer and dally up as he turns to face his healer. It makes me happy when my daughters are happy and having a good day; When I find a lost loved ones grave marker  for a total stranger after searching a cemetery I've never been to before; When I walk in the mornings even though its cold and wet; When I think about my mother and I still can see her smile. It makes me happy when James hugs me and tells me he loves me; When I watch a good show at the movies; When I work on my genealogy; Or even taking a long hot bath.
It doesn't take much to make me happy.


  1. Well put. All these things make me happy too. I think it is so wonderful that you can write down your thoughts so eloquently.

  2. Nothing fancy in my writings...I just type it as I think about it.

  3. You met your husband when you were 15? Wow! How neat.

    It really is the simple pleasures in life, enjoying family and blessings. :o) Thank you for this reminder!


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