Friday, January 29, 2010

Went to the Doctor and It was a good day!

I’m went to the Women Doctor for a well women exam and cholesterol check early this morning. It has been a year and I couldn't wait to see my doctor and  talk to her about what I had changed in a year. I took her the NM pamphlet that Jim sent me. Anyway, I had to fast after midnight and even thou I wasn't hungry, I was so thirsty before my appointment time. I didn’t walk my 4 miles this am because it was raining and they talk about sleet tonight.
 I'm full now; I was not in the green today, but I managed to eat over my 1200 calories. My doctor was so impressed. She kept the pamphlet on NM and we talked a long time about it. She wrote down a cook book called "Tosca Reno". It is a cook book on recipes for clean living. She is going to check out the site and if she likes it she is going to copy the pamphlet and recommend to her patients. She said for me to keep doing what I’m doing!!!! She also sat with me while I downloaded two programs she suggested for my iphone. One called "From couch to 5K", and the other was called "Distance". They were $2.99 each. She said the first one would be good for me as I progress from walking to running. Get weight when I saw her one year ago was 151. I was 148 when I started on NM and today I weighed in before exam with my jeans on was.....117.4!!!! I had blood work done, don’t know the results yet but I can guaranteed it’s good! My Hub meet me for soup at chilies , (one bowl for 429 calories) this late afternoon and then took me to  Academy Sports and bought me under armor running shoes and a new jog suit. This was a great day!!!!! Life couldn’t be any better!!!!! I will be styling next week in the 10k I entered for St judes. I plan to walk and run.

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  1. This is great!

    I did the Couch to 5k program. It was a good program! I didn't get injured and this is important.

    Fantastic job on the weight loss!

    I want to get that cookbook by Tosca Reno! I subscribe to the Clean Eating Magazine and there was recipe for Hazelnut Espresso cookies. They were sooo good! Let me know how you like the cookbook when you get it. :o)


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