Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Life's lesson's

Isn’t it a shame that there are people in this life that don’t have a clue what life is? I hate it when those people claim to  be a changed person, a Christian, your friend, someone who cares. Do they really? I think there are more people that love and thrive on starting fights, gossip, name and finger pointing, grudges, blames. They spend more time reading between the lines but they have their eyes closed. Their lives are empty, sad, lonely, and finally forgotten. You know, a wiser man than any once said,” Let Him Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone”.

I am learning a lot in life. No one is without sin! I watched a love one draw her last minutes of air while on her death bed, while her loved one fought and lashed out in anger. What should have been peaceful was taken away from her. I have listened too many times to hypocrites in this world who live by the words,” Do as I Say (Not as I do)”
I am learning a lot in life. To turn the other cheek does not mean to turn it over and over again. I am learning to take control of my thoughts, my feelings, and my well being…me and I am blessed because of learning this !

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  1. Sunday so today I found some time to walk one mile to walk away the pounds . I'm hot but my neck feels some better . Wish I had time every day .
    love you DB


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