Friday, January 8, 2010

getting excited about a five mile DVD!

I got so emotional….me…crying at the end of a walking DVD! The tears just started flowing as the emotions just poured. As I tell you about this, I somewhat feel embarrassed to tell you about it, but the things I have learned in NM is to share my feelings. The downs, the lows, and the emotional feeling of the accomplishments of life….

Several years ago I walked on and off with one of Leslie Sansones DVD tapes…”Walk a mile”. Then I would try two and a time or so, even tried three miles. Hated it! I’d go back to the one mile. Then, I ended up leaving it in the drawer gathering dust. As you all know if you read my posts that I talk about how I love to walk outdoors and the many layers I have to wear in this cold weather. But, I HAVE been walking….until this morning. Even thou I have been walking in the teen temps, it was a little bid colder this am. Was getting up to get my layers on, news on, I hear the forecaster say..This morning is dangerously cold, low teen, chill factor with ten mile winds is……….9 degrees. I bet a lot of you are saying to yourself, that’s nothing, but it is for Louisiana people! I hate not walking but thought I’ll just do the Wii or treadmill today and I properly need to switch a bit anyways. Well, my daughter brought over her new DVD by; you got it, Leslie Sansone. Give it a try. Walk the one mile or try the four. Heck, you’re walking four already! So, I mess around the house puttering, walk by the TV; see that tape…It’s calling my name!

Change clothes, pop it in, click on the four mile. I’m in tune, keeping up, then all of a sudden (I lost time), Leslie says you’ve done it! You did the four mile with the jogging booster! No way! That was too quick! I kept going as she did the five! With the jogging booster! When we got to the cool down, emotions just poured! Why am I crying? Why am I being so whippy over an exercise tape? It hit me like a ton of bricks! I did that five mile which felt like it was done in just minutes, so easy, so fun…wanted it to be longer, didn’t feel like it use to! I did five miles, in my home, with count them, TWO jogging boosters. I loved the jogging part! You have also read that my spring goal is to start jogging! I can’t wait, I think I will be able to do it…No, I know I will do it! Baby steps, but I will get there! It feels good to be all emotional over something so small!

*note...NutriMirror called as I was sitting down to write this. What ESP, call it whatever, fate…They just wanted to let me know my water bottle I won Dec 25 for my Friday blog (Thank you Kel), that I didn’t choose a color. At first I said stainless, then changed it to Green. I told her, that way it would remind me that I need to be Green when I drink from it and remind me to drink my water! NM calling also made me think while writing this, that I am walking, enjoying it, eating better, feeling healthier, and….getting excited about a five mile DVD!


  1. That is so wonderful. Great story! I WILL catch up sis. I will.

  2. Good job mom!!! I am very proud of you and all your hard work!
    You look great and I can tell you feel good to!
    I have always looked up to y'all and you are and always
    be my Hero!!!! Keep it up. I love you mommy!

  3. mom I know I haven't told you how proud I am of you for losing . You do look grate ! love you & hope you keep up the good work .

  4. I walked around the block yesterday. I may start walking also but will not jog. I had to have the old bladder lifted so i will stick to walking. Go Girl!!!


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