Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sometimes Chickens, sometimes feathers

My Hubby roped in Rustin Louisiana all day and it was colder than I could stand while sitting in the stands all day watching and waiting for his name to be called. Thank God I had my propane heater, wool horse blanket, hooded coat, thermal underwear, wool socks, turtleneck shirt, jeans, gloves, hand warmers and boots. That was just the outside of my person. Inside I had hot spice tea twice and an apple. I didn’t dare drink water during the day because that meant a trip to the women’s bathroom where there was no heat and I would have to bare a cold side of me while trying to get those thermals and jeans down and up. Ended up because the excitement of the day and the friends that sat around me because I had a heater, helped pass the day. Hubby was three runs out of his twelve runs going in the fourth round which is the money round. Stayed in first place twice, getting pushed back as far back to thirteenth place. He did have high average for all around header not missing his last three in that round. Well, he missed winning a trophy saddle by one point. Crushed, but as he always tells me after a roping….”Sometimes Chickens, Sometimes Feathers!” He did bring home a beautiful Silver Buckled headstall, Trophy Bit, and two saddle pads.

I on the other hand, cold and hungry picked Chill’s Restaurant as a refueling stop on the way home. What was I thinking? I wasn’t because my brain was frozen! James and I have not cheated once in the three months with NM. Yep, we ate, we thawed out, refueled, logged, and it’s behind us. “Sometimes Chickens, Sometimes Feathers!”

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