Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Iifetime to kick butt!

I love kicking my hub’s butt! We play three full games of bowling before dinner. Tonight I smoked it!!!! Ten count them…ten strikes in a roll. I would have had one last one but he kept teasing me, trying to distract me and he did! Ten Strikes! Wow, that’s like my life. I’ve had my ten strikes and kicked butt many times over, and then I’ve had the distractions in life where I couldn’t knock down a single pin. That’s when I felt I was knocked off my path in life, depressed, fat, not caring about me or anyone else, and hating me! I got laid off my last two jobs and not knowing what to do to keep busy, I started walking and I goggled calorie counting. I made another strike, and another, and another…I found NutriMirror, found cyber friends who care and are the best supportive people around, lost weight (148 to 122), lost pant sizes (12 to 2/3). And my kick butt best strike…..I really like me and I found a new path! I know I won’t always bowl a good game, but I will keep trying. After all, I do have a life time to knock down the pins!

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