Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My NutriMirror Journey

My NutriMirror Journey

Aug. 24, 2009
My mind screams out your young, but my body screams I'm old!As I start this journal I weigh 148. I have been so many dress sizes in the last say, 15 years. Eleven years ago I was exercising 3 days a week, going to weight watchers, meet that goal of 124. I am a cancer survivor going on 18 years now.(Melanoma, center top of my head, 2 cm down, big as a silver dollar...I call it my birdbath now) I thought back then that I could survive anything. When I reached my weight goal I thought I had done just that. And I did for a couple of years, then...I lost my mother and from the depression of going Thur that time I only weighed 107, I stayed stressed at work, and went threw the change of life gaining non stop.I stopped taking care of ME! Now I have let it creep slowly over me,consuming me..the weight gain, no desire, no will, no care...I did this to ME and I don't like Me!

update Nov.9, 2009
I am 5 pounds away from my 120 weight goal; I am starting to feel better about myself mentally and physically for the first time in years; I am proud of myself for accomplishing goals I am setting for me! I am thankful that I stumbled onto NutriMirror back in August! I am not not finished and do know the road on my journey will have ups and downs and curves. I am a new person!

*UPDATE 11/24/09--I am 2 pounds away from my 120 weight goal

*UPDATE 12/18/09-- MADE MY GOAL 120  pounds and With a new image on life!


  1. Update- 2 pounds away from my 120 weight goal, now down 26 pounds and hubby down 30 pounds. I'm really proud of us!

  2. Update- 115 pounds and hubby down 38 pounds!


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